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Shot and written by Jisusisback - 30/05/2019

I will never forget when my life turned upside down. It was one regular day at the Primary School and my classmate told me that he just joined the team. I didn’t know what he was talking about but I was always doing what he does, so I did. I went to check what was all of that after my classes and I got speechless. My heart stopped beating for a second and I couldn’t say a word. That day I met basketball. 


For many years, I played in different teams and I met so many different players that some of them became my friends. Teamwork, persistence and many other human values are some of the things that I learned from all my career as a basketball player and I will always feel blessed for that. Those values I use them now in every situation of my ordinary life and I feel better person when I do. Basketball saved my life in many reasons. 

As I mentioned before, I met so many good friends playing the game but the guy from my story is not only one of them, he is the one. I was 14 years old when I joined a special training elite campus for kids during the summer. Best kids from all the country where chosen to join that concentration and thanks to all my hours training on the court I was selected. Hundreds of kids from Spain where sharing the same love and the same passion, it was very special for me. After finish my first training with them I felt that I wasn’t tired enough. It was time to keep practicing while others were eating or resting. I always had my dream in front of everything or anyone so I decided to stay in court. 

I snuck out, I grabbed my favorite ball and I went to shoot. On my way, I started hearing a ball bouncing. It came from the court. Someone was there already. I stepped into the field and there he was. His name was Xavi, a short and skinny kid but with a huge talent on his hands. Without hesitating I asked him If I could join him and he agreed with a friendly smile, the one he still gives me every time he sees me. We spent at least the whole afternoon playing. We skipped the lunch and the dinner. We didn’t check the clock in any moment and I’m sure everyone was looking for us. I can’t describe with words when you share your passion with someone that feels the same. There is no other place on Earth that I wanted to be.

At his early thirties, he’s still playing at his highest level and he has become an amazing player. Representing the National Team around the world, Xavi is one of the lucky ones to wear that jersey. Recently he agreed to play a World 3x3 Tour representing Spain and that is a big success for him. Actually, this modality has become an olympic sport so he might have a chance to play in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. We were talking about it when we were kids, like playing in the NBA and that kind of stuff and when I see how close he is to achieve it, makes me feel so proud of him. 

The way he understand the game and the way he makes everyone enjoy in every play it’s another chapter. It is extraordinary. I jump of happiness every time he scores and I got goosebumps when the crowd shout his name to cheer him up. I know his journey very well and I  feel so proud of what he has become.

Xavier Guirao, London 2019 - UEL ( University of East London )

Xavier Guirao, London 2019 - UEL ( University of East London )

As every kind of sport, the way to get to the top it ain’t easy at all. Injuries, frustrated coaches, selfish teammates and bad managing from team owners have been some of the walls that Xavi, and many players, have to climb off but he went through all of that and kept his love for the ball. He managed to remain focused and that didn’t stop him to walk his way. He’s been a warrior since the first day I met him. I’ve never seen someone who dedicates himself so badly to get their game better. Right now he is till fighting for his name to be remembered and there is still a long road in front of him but time ain’t over yet. I never doubted of his talent and I’m sure he will get where he belongs. 

Bounds Green, London

Bounds Green, London

At the end, the dreams we have when we are kids can vanish so fast if we don’t fight for them with enough purpose. You have to take what it’s yours, no matter what people say to you. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to mine and that was the hardest decision I’ve ever took in my life yet. I know there is still million more to take and who knows, even harder but that took me where I am now. That made me the man who I am now and I would never regret about that because I would never forget the day I stepped into the court and I met my brother. 


“Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you’ll be surprised what happens”

Xavi Guirao - Bounds Green, London 2019


If I could travel back in time, honestly I would go back to that court when basketball gave me the best gift I could ever have asked, my best friend. I would take him with me now as adults, we’d grab a beer and we would sit on the tribune just to watch ourselves enjoying the game with the highest love as the first time. That moment will remain in our memories forever. It’s ours and it made me understand what life means. Its all about loving what you do with the passion you had when you were just an innocent kid and the world was smaller than your basket ball. 

Xavi, Bounds Green court in London

Xavi, Bounds Green court in London

Chris: What means the ball for you?
Xavi: Means goodness, love, sacrifice, fun, superation...Means work, means money, means dream, passion, happiness. I always say: she is my girlfriend. 
Chris: Describe me your happiest moment playing the game and the worst.
Xavi: It's a complicated question ... In fact, I do not think I have the happiest and saddest moment playing basketball. I try to have fun whenever I do, maybe one day training with friends I can be happier than having got 30 points in LEB or having been the MVP of the weekend. I stay with all the nice moments that basketball gives me, from playing in the street  to being in dynamic with ACB players like I was in the Akasvayu Girona. In the bad moments, same, It's true that when I got injured twice the knee I was sad, or when you have a bad game as well... but life is about overcoming stages. So I can not stay with the best or the worst. Just enjoy everything you can. Every moment has its essence and importance. Thats why I love this sport. 
Chris: We both love the game so badly, but tell me the impact that made in your life.
Xavi: There is a difference between a person who likes a sport like soccer, tennis, golf, basketball and they like to see it or practice it from time to time among those people who love and feel that sport. Maybe it is very nice said but believe me, for me basketball, it is not only the echo of training, playing, keeping fit, competing on weekends and earning a little money. It's the fact that, thanks to loving this sport, I have known wonderful people, I've traveled ... basically I've found what really makes me happy. Makes me not want to do anything but just play. I think that everyone should try to find what makes them happy and once you know it, do it without fear. I had the lucky to know it since I was a kid and I consider myself a lucky person thanks to basketball. I owe it everything.

Chris: Last one. Tell me what love means for you in 4 letters.
Xavi: B-A-L-L
Thank you brother

Thank you brother

ford 9.jpg

Hello, old friend.



Shot and written by Jisusisback - 08/05/2019
Ford Galaxie 500, London 2019

Ford Galaxie 500, London 2019

For so many years now, vintage collectors have created their own community and above all, their own culture of life. For these group of people, it’s not just about buying old stuff but adding a piece of human story to their lives. Some of these collectors buy them because they want to learn from the past. Others, just get their starving desire of getting an old thing, satisfied. It works like a drug would. Once you start, you’re likely not to stop.

A brief historical class to start. The Ford Galaxie is a full-sized car built in the United States of America by Ford. They were merchandising them from the years 1959 to 1974. The name was used for the top models in Ford's full-size range from 1958 until 1961. For 1962, all full-size Fords wore the Galaxie badge, with "500" and "500/XL" for higher series. The Galaxie 500 prefix was dropped in 1966, and from the XL in 1967. The "regular" Galaxie 500 continued below the LTD as Ford's mid-level full-size model from 1965 until the end of the 1974. The Ford Galaxie was also produced in Australia from 1965 to 1969. The 1965 model, which was designated as the Galaxie GE, was assembled at Ford's Homebush plant in New South Wales. One of the biggest competitors of The Galaxie was the high-volume full sized Chevrolet Impala.

Joshua Williams, London 2019

Joshua Williams, London 2019

For vintage collectors, the Ford Galaxie 500 from the year 1963 is one of the sweetest candies in the vintage market. Josh is one of the lucky ones to own one. The sound of the engine and its enormous size, make from this car a true beast on wheels, and he knew it. 

ford 6.jpg

“- I admit that I had some issues by the time I started taking pictures. I wanted to enjoy the ride but at the same time I had to get the shots I had in mind. It wasn’t easy at all plus the car’s vibration and the inopportune rain but we managed it.”

London, May 2019

Joshua Williams is a model based in London signed with some of the best agencies in both Europe and America; his career already last more than 5 years. He has worked for luxury brands and walked for the greatest designers but today, we’re not going to talk about that. Today, we are going to talk about his car and beyond.

ford 5.jpg

I remember that morning when Josh told me how excited he was to finally get the car of his dreams. It was a matter of time to be on the road with him, so I did. Without any hesitation, I was so intrigued to test this monster on the roads of England.  I’ve got to say that the first time I saw it I became speechless. It really leaves your mouth opened, literally. It was one of those “jaw dropping” moments. If you close your eyes, smell the old leather from the seats and turn on the radio to listen to some edgy blues, you can really travel back in time. It’s an unbelievable experience.

The Ford Galaxie 500, as topic as it sounds, isn’t just any old car. It’s a before and after on Joshua’s life. I can feel it in his eyes while he’s driving. I can feel in the way he’s taking care of it. I feel proud of him because he doesn’t want it just to say he has it or “show it off” per-say, instead he’s very concerned of what he’s got on his hands and the only way to make it worth it, is purely enjoying every aspect of it. It’s about living the ride as it was the last one. No matter the rain, a rough day, or any damage done - at the end, the road is wiser than all of that.


“ As far as the road goes, I’m gonna keep driving.”

Interview with Joshua Williams

ford 8.jpg

- Why the Ford Galaxie?

So the car is a 1963 Ford Galaxie that was imported over from the U.S. A friend of mine is a classic car mechanic and brought her back to life. The car has been sprayed matte black and lowered for that classic lowrider look and I plan on keeping everything else original to the year of the car.

- How did you get this car?

When I first saw the car I instantly had to make an offer. I didn’t let up and annoyed them enough for them to sell it to me I guess, because they accepted and then cancelled as they had invested to much into it but eventually came around and finally let her go

- Tell me your relationship with vintage cars.

I’ve been into classics since I was young and it’s all I’ve been interested in and all I have owned.

Owning this car is a big dream of mine and also my first car so a decent start.

- Who’s that signature from on your glove box?

The previous owner that sold me the car had a chance to work alongside the legend Gene winfield. He is a classic car customizer well known for fabrication and his paint work and he’s still going to this day at the age of 91.

Gene signed the Dash of this car when the two were working together so I’m sure it adds a little value.


Being on the road with Josh was an unforgettable experience and It has taught me something very important. We can’t choose the road, it’s the road who chooses us beyond everything and everyone. It’s you the chosen one and when you are out there there are only two options: You can turn back and drive safe home with your family and kids or you can take that highway, press the bloody engine, turn on the rock and roll on the radio and drive until the end of your days.






Shot and written by Jisusisback - 24/04/2019

Photography was and it always will be a new reborn. Before I started shooting, I was feeling so lost. Every path I took, I would manage somehow to take it down. I really needed to find a way to get myself back again, to find a purpose, to reborn as a new human. 

In a way, we upgraded our souls together. By the time she was growing up as a child and I was growing up as a man. She was learning how to survive at the school while I was learning how to deal with the Streets. Originally, we are from different Era but we managed to keep walking at the same rhythm.

Torelló, Catalunya - September 2018

Torelló, Catalunya - September 2018


“Every step she was taking was so photogenic and I would never forget that.”



Since she was born, watching her growing up was always an amazing experience. Every step she was taking was so photogenic and I will never forget that. Each day I was developing my skills as photographer so it was an amazing experience to see my photography growing as well - we were growing together.

This series of pictures are very special to me, as it represents the time I realized that photography was the path I wanted to take. It was a decision that saved my life.

Sometimes it’s good to lose yourself, in fact, it’s essential. The pursuit of finding yourself again will make you better than you were, if you accept the process and learn how to deal with it.

“She was there at the same time, brighting as a mermaid would do when they get out of the ocean and the Sun caresses their skin with its rays, because mermaids are born in the water.”

We both were growing with something incredibly deep inside us. Her youth and my passion. This series talks about it and I wanted to reflect that connection between us - that purest emotion about being a child and the magic feeling of finding a purpose in life.

Self portrait - Jisusisback, September 2018

Self portrait - Jisusisback, September 2018